The personal attention and timely delivery is what stood out for me when it came to Sanky services. I would gladly recommend their services to any new business set up as these guys know their stuff and love what they do.

    - Brewmaster, (PhD in Brewing), Dr. Cariappa, BBW

  • TOIT

    Sanky Technical Consulting have been our go-to company for anything to do with beer dispensing. Thorough professionals, who believe in 'getting it right the first time.’ They employ a highly skilled & reliable team, and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who wants top quality installations done.

    - Founder, Arun George, Toit

  • ARENA 

    We appreciate the work done by Sanky for our business. We are confident that they have set up the heart of our operation and we will function smoothly and efficiently. Don't waste your time getting quotes from other companies. Quality matters when you are in the F&B business and they are the best partner you could find.

    - Founder, James, Arena


    Time was so important for us and these guys understood that and did a lot of work in a short period of time to ensure that our launch was successful on time within our budget. We love the quality of the products, too. And the best part is the transparency while dealing with them as they are so knowledgeable.

    - Founder, Nikhil Menon


    Sanky was always our choice for setting up our brewery plant, It should be your one and only choice when setting up a brewery as you can sit back stress-free about a large part of the process. Based on your budget they can customise your solution so that you feel in control while they take control. Thanks, Hari and Velu. Your strengths have really shone through.

    - Founder, Vikram Rana, Vapour


    Customer service after launch is important when choosing a company to set up your beer line is important as you cannot be worried about who to call when stuff stops working. Sanky has always attended to our calls promptly and for that we are grateful and happy. We appreciate the service team they have set up who have the right technical know how. Sanky and team are always ahead of the technology in the industry.

    - Founder, Nishanth, The Fixx

  • 1522, JP NAGAR

    Good customer service, support & communication. Thanks for the professional attitude and approach. We appreciate your efforts.

    - Founder, Chetan Hegde, 1522 JP Nagar


    Our partnership with Sanky has been great from the very start. Right from the quality of their beer pythons and dispensers to their prompt support, we have always been more than satisfied with their services and expertise and are happy to be working with them.

    - Founder, Dilip Gowda, By The Peepal